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A 'Brian Bowen' Is Currently Listed In Louisville's Student Directory

Brian Bowen is the lone five-star recruit remaining in the country, and signs seem to indicate that Louisville is a strong possibility to land him.

Now, another piece of evidence, albeit a very speculative one, has emerged that seems to tie Bowen to the Cardinals. Louisville radio host Drew Deener found a 'Brian Bowen' listed in the University of Louisville directory as a student. He visited the Cardinals earlier in the week.

Deener also notes that this does not mean that Bowen has enrolled at Louisville.

I definitely wouldn't make any snap judgments about what this means for Bowen's decision, and it definitely doesn't mean he's definitely going to be a Cardinals. However, after searching the databases of other schools that Bowen has been connected to during his recruitment—Arizona, Creighton, Michigan State, Oregon and Texas—and no Brian Bowens are included (there is a Creighton staff member named 'Bryan Bowen). DePaul's student directory does not appear to be public.

It should also be noted that the four Louisville class of 2017 basketball commits—Malik Williams, Darius Perry, Jordan Nwora, and Lance Thomas—are all also included in U of L's directory.

Again, this absolutely doesn't mean Bowen to Louisville is official, but it is interesting to note.