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Dan Dakich Took A Twitter Victory Lap After Louisville's Denied Appeal Was Announced

As it turns out, Dan Dakich was pretty close on his report about Louisville's vacated title. The school announced that it had its appeal to the NCAA rejected this afternoon.

Back in January, Dakich announced that a source "in the room" at the NCAA told him that the Cardinals would have their appeal rejected. After the Katina Powell sex scandal, the NCAA ruled that the school would have to vacate wins from 2012-2015 and return NCAA Tournament money.

At the time, Dakich said that the figure would be $15 million. As it turns out, it is actually $600,000, plus the return of conference revenue from the tournaments during that time frame, which will make up a substantial amount of the total. It is unclear how much that will be, or if it will add up to the $15 million Dakich cited.

Even without that specific information, Dan Dakich is taking a victory lap.

He and the others that work on his radio show have been on the platform all day. They want to make sure that Louisville fans have the opportunity to let him know how right he was.

After Dakich's initial report in January, Louisville put out a statement refuting its validity. From school spokesman John Karman:

“This is pure speculation. The NCAA will contact the university in advance of any announcement regarding the appeal. We have not been contacted by the NCAA."

There is a chance that both sides were right at the time. Dakich could have been tipped off by his NCAA source about the decision, and Louisville may not have known its fate yet.

However, it was interim athletic director Vince Tyra who really went after Dakich weeks later. When asked about the silence following the report during a press conference earlier this month, Tyra said he was "embarrassed for Dan."

We'll have to wait to see what the full monetary numbers look like to see just how spot on Dakich was. Still, the vacated title was the bigger portion of this story, and he nailed that.

Either way, at least in my opinion, vacating wins and titles is always a pretty feckless penalty. It may sting fans a bit, but it doesn't change what fans witnessed in 2013.