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Louisville's Interim AD Slammed Dan Dakich During Press Conference

A high view of the court at Freedom Hall.

LOUISVILLE, KY - FEBRUARY 22: A general view of the court taken during the game between the Louisville Cardinals and the DePaul Blue Demons on Feburary 22, 2006 at Freedom Hall in Loisville, Kentucky. Louisville won 54-53. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Last month, Dan Dakich reported that severe penalties were coming for Louisville on his radio show.

After incessantly teasing some big news about Louisville basketball through multiple commercial breaks, Dan Dakich finally dropped what would certainly be a bomb. He revealed what he says will be severe penalties for the Cards program.

Dakich said that according to a source, Louisville would be forced to vacate the 2013 national championship. He also said the school will have to pay a $15 million fine.

The Indianapolis radio host and ESPN color commentator backtracked, saying that he "could" be wrong. However, he also said he has a source that was "in the room" as the NCAA decided Louisville's fate.

Weeks later, and nothing has come out about what Louisville faces. Dakich may wind up nailing his report, but it hasn't been proven yet.

Louisville released an official response to Dakich that afternoon. School spokesman John Karman said that the NCAA had not informed the program of any decisions.

“This is pure speculation. The NCAA will contact the university in advance of any announcement regarding the appeal. We have not been contacted by the NCAA,” Louisville spokesman John Karman said in a statement.

Now, interim athletic director Vince Tyra has taken a nice shot at Dakich. He was asked against about the former Indiana coach's report during a press conference on Thursday.

Tyra also spoke about Dakich's report back in January. At that time, he called it "misinformation." From WDRB:

“We can’t control what comes out,” Tyra said. “There’s unfortunately a lot of misinformation out there. I think just because the time lapse from when we did the appeal to now that people are getting anxious about it, I’m anxious too, but we haven’t heard anything. We’ll get notified, and we’ll deal with it form there. But it’s unfortunate that people are out there talking and trying to speculate. I think it just gets everybody a little upset.”

On Wednesday, Indianapolis radio host Dan Dakich said a source whom he trusts told him that, according to “someone in the room,” U of L’s appeals to overturn the vacation of the 2013 NCAA championship and reverse the order to return NCAA Tournament revenues had both been denied.

Time will tell if Dakich is right. If he is, however, it is curious that the NCAA has dragged its feet this long in releasing penalties that have already been decided.