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Watch LSU's Derrius Guice Run Through This Poor Louisville Kicker

Derrius Guice crushes a Louisville kicker.


LSU's Derrius Guice sent a Louisville kicker flying backwards after running into him with the force of a freight train.

LSU's Derrius Guice is stout 5-foot-11 and 212 pounds, while Louisville's kicker Blanton Creque is the same height and 188 pounds. I don't know how much physical force Derrius Guice is able to generate while running full-speed down the sideline, but by this video, I can ascertain that it's...a lot.

Watch this:


Let's watch that again...


In the last hour or so, I've replayed that clip maybe 100 times, and for the last hour or so I've been genuinely concerned with the well-being of that Louisville kicker. Like a car crash, though, you can't help but stare (and in this case watch it over and over again). He gets up pretty quickly, but there's no freakin' way that guy is okay. His body went completely horizontal! Between this hit and Ronda Rousey getting obliterated Friday night, I'm good for a while on watching people get flattened.

Louisville would go on to lose the game, 29-9.