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ESPN On What The UNC Fan Yelled At Rick Pitino

Louisville coach Rick Pitino wasn't happy with a UNC fan.

Louisville's head coach got into it with a North Carolina fan at halftime tonight.

Rick Pitino and a North Carolina fan got into a screaming match at halftime of the Tar Heels' win over Louisville in Chapel Hill tonight.

The Cardinals' head coach had to be restrained and the UNC fan ended up getting ejected from the game, according to the school.

ESPN sideline reporter Maria Taylor was close by when this happened and she says the fan simply yelled, "Pitino you suck!"

Here's ESPN's footage of what happened:

We'll likely never know exactly what was said between the two, but it seems like a bit of a stretch that "you suck!" would set a college basketball coach off as he's walking to his locker room. Pitino wouldn't delve into details post-game, simply saying that the fan said something he didn't like. He called the fan a "coward."

Roy Williams was critical of the fan during his press conference, saying North Carolina doesn't need to drop to that level.