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FOX Sports' Aaron Torres Calls Rick Pitino The "Least Likable Figure In College Sports"

Rick Pitino flipping off Kentucky fans.


Louisville men's basketball coach Rick Pitino has had a rough season in the PR department, between the alleged sex scandal rocking his program and the way he acted following his team's lossto Kentucky on Saturday. One writer believes that the recent developments have vaulted him into a league of his own - one you don't want to be in.

FOX Sports' Aaron Torres believes that Pitino is now the "least likable figure in college sports." Here's his thought process:

...He's a man who has proven to have virtually no moral compass off the court, and on the court, has a program that is currently in the midst of the NCAA's crosshairs. And yet despite all that, despite the fact that he continues to make an embarrassment of both his school and himself, he found time to put himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons again this weekend.

That man is Rick Pitino, and while fans continue to dislike Coach K, Calipari and Saban for reasons only known to them, I am here to say that Pitino is, without a doubt, the most impossible person to like in all of college sports. And since no one else is going to call him out for making a fool of himself Saturday I will do so here.

Obviously, coaches stick around much longer than players in college athletics, so they're going to make up the majority of any kind of list like this. Pitino certainly has his fair share of questionable incidents over the years to justify a spot on here.

But is he the least likable of all? You can read Aaron's entire column here.