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Update: Georgia Safety Tray Matthews Tweets That He's Leaving, School Says He Was Dismissed From Program

Update: There are two sides to every story. Minutes after Matthews announced on Twitter that he was leaving the Bulldogs' program, head coach Mark Richt announced that the former safety had been dismissed from the team. It's unclear as to the reasoning.

We'll update this post when we learn more.

Earlier: It's official: Georgia safety Tray Matthews is transferring out of the Bulldogs' program. The 6-foot, 196-pound sophomore will end up at either Auburn or Louisville, according to the player himself. 

">June 3, 2014

Matthews has been rumored to be a potential transfer candidate since the 2013-14 season ended. At the SEC spring meetings, though, Mark Richt said he believed the safety had reached a "turning point."

"I think he's on a turning point of maturing some, and becoming a very dependable guy," Richt told the Ledger-Enquirer. "I'm not saying he is a dependable guy, or has been at this point. But I have a feeling that that's his desire to become that. And he needs to. It's time.

"I think he really wants to be great. But he's learning that it comes with a price, it comes with sacrifice, it comes with maturity, it comes with doing things a certain way. And I think he's figuring that out."

Matthews will apparently be turning a corner at a different program. Georgia likely has the right to block Matthews' transfer to Auburn, since it is a school in the same conference.