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Katina Powell Was Arrested Today While Wearing A Louisville Shirt

Katina Powell's mug shot.

Katina Powell, the escort at the center of the Louisville basketball scandal, was arrested again today on theft and forgery charges. Her attire might cause a stir.

In her mugshot, Powell is wearing a Louisville football shirt. You can't make this up.

Back in December, Powell wore a full Kentucky sweatsuit before the annual UK-UL rivalry game.

Today, she was in red.

Interestingly, Powell was supposed to show up in court today for her eviction hearing, but she never made it. Powell claimed she suffered a panic attack and had to be hospitalized.

She eventually appeared this afternoon, and after being told she had to leave her home, was arrested on these new charges. How is your Thursday going?

We're sure Louisville fans are overjoyed with Powell wearing their team's colors while being locked up.