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Katina Powell's Attorney Says Latest NCAA Ruling Proves Her Story True

Katina Powell's mug shot.

This afternoon, the NCAA handed down its penalties to the University of Louisville. The NCAA has confirmed Louisville will be forced to vacate wins, and will need to return money from its appearances in the NCAA tournaments over the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 seasons.

Former Louisville head coach Rick Pitino was hit with a Level 1 violation, the dreaded "failure to monitor." Not long after, Pitino was ousted by the university -- but not before filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Pitino has since dropped his lawsuit, and the university now has its final answer from the NCAA. As if Louisville fans haven't had enough bad news today, Katina Powell's lawyer released a statement.

Here's what he had to say, via the Courier-Journal.

"Today should mark the end of a long and ugly journey for the University," attorney Larry Wilder said in a statement. "In retrospect it seems all should accept the fact that Ms. Powell came forward with the information that she did and it was true ...The time has come for the University to hire a coach that can display the integrity, character and pride that is indicative of the people of the City, the graduates of the University and the players."

Louisville's scandal began with details of local madame Katina Powell's book Breaking Cardinal Rules, which detailed the sex parties thrown for Louisville basketball recruits. Powell alleged that former U of L assistant Andre McGee had been setting up the parties for for years, and that up to $10,000 was exchanged. Multiple former Louisville players and recruits admitted to attending the parties.