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Lamar Jackson Appears To Subtweet Anonymous Coach Who Says He Has "No Shot" At Being NFL Quarterback

Lamar Jackson celebrates after scoring against Kentucky.


Lamar Jackson does not appear to be thrilled with the anonymous ACC coach who told Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel that he won't be an NFL quarterback.

Jackson will be back at Louisville for at least one more season after his torrid 2016 Heisman campaign. Jackson won the award going away after piling up 5,114 total yards and 51 touchdowns through the air and on the ground.

That's a ton of production, but we've seen plenty of top college quarterbacks fail to make the jump to the next level. The anonymous coach quoted in Thamel's piece unequivocally states that Jackson won't be an NFL quarterback, especially when compared to Clemson's Deshaun Watson, who finished second to Jackson in the Heisman race.

The coach did add that he considers Watson an exponentially better quarterback prospect than Louisville QB Lamar Jackson, who won the Heisman Trophy. “Watson has a chance to be at least as good as Winston,” he said. “We played he and Lamar Jackson, and Jackson has no shot at playing quarterback in the NFL. None. He can’t make the throws and can’t read coverages. He’s not going to have a chance. Watson stands tall in the pocket and whips the ball around like Ben Roethlisberger.”

That quote made the rounds on Wednesday, and it looks like Jackson saw it, based on this tweet.

We have no idea whether Jackson will make it as a quarterback at the next level, but with his talent and boundless athleticism, someone in the NFL is going to give him a shot in some capacity, whenever he makes the leap.

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