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Louisville-Bound RB Michael Dyer Promises Charlie Strong He Won't "Possess A Weapon" At School


As was first reported last night by USA Today's George Schroeder, former Auburn running back Michael Dyer is headed to Louisville to join Heisman-hopeful quarterback Teddy Bridgewater in what may become one of the most high-powered offenses in the 2013 field. Dyer, if you remember, was the offensive MVP of the BCS National Championship Game just two years ago before multiple issues with the law led to his dismissal from two football programs - Auburn and Arkansas State.

This time around, Dyer appears to be committed to cleaning up his act. Part of his official press release reads that he promised coach Charlie Strong that he wouldn't bring a gun to campus. Check this out, via Steve Jones of The Courier-Journal.

And it's a good thing, too, considering that Louisville actually has a sign in its locker room concerning the subject matter.

Hopefully Dyer can stay out of trouble and resume the once-brilliant career he'd started. And lookout, AAC - the Louisville Cardinals are about to be one tough out.