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Louisville Booster Rescinds $6 Million Donation Following Tom Jurich's Firing

Louisville athletics lost a $6 million pledge as a result of Tom Jurich's firing.

Max Baumgardner, "an 88-year-old retired pilot and still-savvy investor," according to the Courier-Journal, has apparently withdrawn a $6.3 million allocation to Louisville athletics after it was announced athletic director Tom Jurich had been fired.

Baumgardner apparently instructed his attorney to change the terms of the donation to make sure Louisville athletics got nothing.

From the Courier-Journal report:

“I’m not 100 percent happy with myself for doing that,” Baumgardner said, “but it’s the only thing in my anger that I could think to do. ... Frankly. I have feelings about it: Have I done the right thing or the wrong thing? Have I hurt the wrong people because I’m angry at the board of trustees?”

Jurich was fired by the Louisville board of trustees on Thursday by a vote of 10-3 with "just cause," but the board did not provide an explanation for his termination.

“I didn’t think (Jurich) deserved to be fired,” Baumgardner added. “I think he got caught up with a 'new broom sweeps clean' sort of attitude. I was also pretty strong about (dismissed basketball coach Rick) Pitino. I loved that guy as a coach, but I do understand why they had to fire him. I don’t think we’ll ever have a coach as good.”

With Louisville athletics now receiving $0, the U of L School of Music and Norton Children’s Hospital will each receive even larger shares of Baumgardner's multimillion dollar donation.