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Louisville Football Reveals Full Uniform It'll Wear For Florida State Game

Louisville football is doing everything it can to give itself the edge over Florida State this Saturday..

No. 10 Louisville hosts No. 2 Florida State this Saturday for what is sure to be a barnburner of a game, and they'll be showing off some new uniforms complete with red, chromed-out helmets. With College GameDay coming to campus, Louisville football obviously had to ball out on some fresh outfits.

Thursday, Louisville released the full uniform that the Cardinals will be donning. The team's equipment account shared a photo. Take a look:

Pretty snazzy. Simple and crisp. But like anything (everything) else that gets posted on Twitter, people found lots of things to get riled up about.

But regardless of the color of the pants, Louisville fans have to hope these new uniforms have some magic in them, as they're searching for some redemption following last season's 41-21 shellacking. Deion Sanders would approve.