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Photo: 2 Louisville Players' Jerseys Read "Samuel L. Jackson" Together

Two Louisville player's uniforms spelling out Samuel L. Jackson.

Samuel L. Jackson made a spontaneous visit to a college football game last night.

In a hilarious coincidence, Louisville wide receiver Traveon Samuel and quarterback Lamar Jackson ended up on the bench together in last night's game against Charlotte. Little did they know, this decision would ultimately go viral. Why? When beside each other, the jersey's names read "Samuel L. Jackson."

Believe it or not, this little Easter egg during the game wasn't intentional, nor was it ever realized by the two Cardinals football players. According to the Courier-Journal, Samuel saw the image trending online after the game and showed his teammate the picture following the game.

“The Samuel L. Jackson thing?” Jackson commented. “[Samuel] just showed me in the locker-room. That’s funny. I’ve never thought of that.”

The Louisville Cardinals defeated the Charlotte 49ers 70-14. Jackson impressively accounted for a school-record eight touchdowns and 405 offensive yards by halftime. He led the team with both passing yards and rushing yards.

The Cardinals take on the Syracuse Orange on Sept. 9.