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Louisville's Facebook Account Screwed Up A Statistic, And Kentucky Fans Aren't Letting It Slide

Louisville messes up stat in tweet.

This past Sunday night, Louisville took down Northern Iowa to reach its fourth straight Sweet 16. Senior Wayne Blackshear also became the first Cardinals player in school history to play for four straight squads that reached the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament. 

Tuesday morning, the school attempted to celebrate the accomplishment by posting the statistic to its Facebook page. Unfortunately, they screwed up and named Blackshear as the only player in NCAA Division One history to accomplish the feat. That isn't even close to true, as dozens of players in college basketball history to have reached the Sweet 16 four straight times.

Kentucky fans, predictably, are having a field day, claiming that the school is perpetuating a "lie."


— Jeremy Kemble (@IAM4UKWILDCATS)

.... "And the lie detector test determined....THAT was a lie!"

— Jeremy Kemble (@IAM4UKWILDCATS) March 24, 2015

">March 24, 2015

">March 24, 2015

">March 24, 2015

Regardless, Blackshear's feat is quite impressive. Can we get a Kentucky vs. Louisville national championship game please?