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Louisville's "Ri5e To The Occasion" Kevin Ware Shirts Causing Controversy

Your take?

Update 2: Rovell just tweeted out that the item is no longer for sale. No word yet on why it was pulled, but you can make your own assumptions.

Update: Louisville says it has waived the royalty fees on the shirts, therefore the school will not profit from retail sales. It has, however, opened up another controversy connected to the creation of apparel that references a specific player.

Earlier: By now, you've all seen (or heard about, if you're squeamish) Kevin Ware's devastating leg injury suffered this past Sunday during Louisville's Elite Eight matchup against Duke. The Cardinals, with heavy hearts, were able to finish off the Blue Devils in the second half and reach their second consecutive Final Four.

Certainly, using Ware's injury as a rallying cry is a great way to amp up the team and its fans during the week leading up to the biggest weekend of the season. But is making money off of it another story?

Adidas and Louisville have unveiled shirts, priced at $24.99, that you can wear to "support" Ware and the team. The "Ri5e to the Occasion" tees were released this morning, but have caught the ire of many other sites/blogs.

Deadspin doesn't think you should buy them. SBNation thinksthe NCAA sucks.

Are both the school and the apparel company wrong to profit off of these shirts? That's up for debate. If they'd immediately announced that the profits were going to charity or some other cause, that'd be one thing. But if they're just pocketing all the cash, that's another. Remember, because of the awesome rules set forth by the NCAA, players can't personally profit off these kind of things.

What say you?