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Pat Forde Calls Louisville College Sports' Biggest 'Dumpster Fire' Of The Year

A general view of Louisville's football stadium.

LOUISVILLE, KY - NOVEMBER 07: A general view of the stadium during the Louisville Cardinals game against the Syracuse Orange at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium on November 7, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde didn't hold back in his column on Thursday, calling Louisville the biggest "dumpster fire" in college sports this year.

Louisville has been thoroughly embroiled in scandal for virtually all of 2017, and today Yahoo Sports' Pat Forde took the liberty of dragging the school through coals, proclaiming Louisville as this year's biggest dumpster fire in college sports.

The column starts off like a Comedy Central roast, with Forde "praising" Mississippi and Tennessee for their numerous missteps and public displays of ineptitude, and then he finally arrives at the punchline:

But the winner of the College Sports Dumpster Fire of the Year is Louisville. What an effort by the Cardinals. Hit with major NCAA sanctions in late spring for the tawdry “StripperGate” scandal, Louisville didn’t stop there. By late September the place was better known as “University 6,” the label applied by the U.S. Attorney’s Office of New York in its federal complaint alleging corruption in college basketball.

The complaint says that Louisville entered into multiple schemes with its apparel partner, Adidas, and others to pay players to sign with the Cardinals – with the previous NCAA mushroom cloud hovering over the program. Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino became “Coach 2” in the complaint. Already suffering extreme scandal fatigue, this bombshell led to the quick-trigger firing of both Pitino and renowned athletic director Tom Jurich. Two of Pitino’s assistants were sent packing shortly thereafter.

And now, because quiet accountability is nowhere near as fun as backbiting and finger-pointing, we are in the lawsuit phase.

Scorching, and probably fair.

Earlier today Louisville announced that it would be counter-suing former head basketball coach Rick Pitino and "seek[ing] restitution for any monies paid as damages for vacated games, championships, records, and honors." Pitino, for the record, is not only suing Louisville (obviously) but also Adidas for emotional distress and for "damaging his reputation."

It's a circus of lawsuits which Forde refers to as a game of "Pass the Buck." Someone has to be blamed, and everyone is going to sue each other until the person at fault becomes clear—assuming it ever does.

Forde then ends with this:

But, wow, it will take a lot of water to douse the Great Louisville Dumpster Fire of 2017. The current spate of lawsuits only delays closure and keeps the flames flickering, as resistance to accountability persists. Ole Miss and Tennessee can warm their hands over the blaze, giving thanks that one school had a worse year than they did.

At this pace, Louisville is probably the front-runner to win the Dumpster Fire award in 2018.