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Photo: Kevin Ware Either Wants Anthony Davis' Head, Or His Twitter Account Was Hacked

What is going on here?

Update: Louisville's Sports Information Director Kenny Klein has talked to Kevin Ware, who claims he did not send the profane tweets insulting Anthony Davis. Ware's account has since been deleted:

Earlier: Louisville forward Kevin Ware has spent most of 2013 in the spotlight due to his amazing recovery after a gruesome broken leg injury during the NCAA tournament. Just a few days from the official start to the Cardinals' 2013-2014 run, he's in the news again - but this time, it's not for a positive reason.

Ware's Twitter account posted numerous messages last night about former Kentucky star Anthony Davis. All were quickly deleted. Could it have been a hacker? Sure.

I'm going to stop short of speculating what's going on here, because I simply have no clue. We'll see if Ware ever addresses the situation.