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Rick Pitino Channels His Inner John Calipari: "Everywhere We Go It's A White-Out"

John Calipari always has fun with the other SEC schools that Kentucky travels to, because so many of them promote Kentucky as their schedule's premiere game (which is usually fair) and break out all kinds of t-shirt giveaways. It looks like his rival from an hour or so west on I-64 has similar feelings about Louisville's place in the AAC.

">February 26, 2014

Louisville still has road games at Memphis and SMU left in the season. No word yet on whether or not those two teams will be doing any special promotions for their games with U of L, but it is a bit funny that Pitino made that statement when Louisville made Memphis its "white-out" game this season.

Luckily for Pitino, the ACC has plenty of "white-out" worthy programs, so the honor should get spread around with Duke, Syracuse, and UNC in the league. Weird, you'd think Coach Pitino of all people would embrace more chances to wear this.