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Rick Pitino Directed Payments To Recruits According To Unsealed Indictment

Newly unsealed indictments show that former Louisville coach Rick Pitino directed payment to basketball recruits.

The Hall of Fame coach was fired by Louisville for cause just weeks ahead of the college basketball season, after he was identified as one of the coaches tangled up in the FBI's investigation into corruption in the sport.

Pitino is not identified by name in the released FBI documents, but it has been widely reported that he is referred to as 'coach-2' in the indictments.

In the original documents, 'coach-2' was mentioned as being involved in the scheme. Now, newly unsealed indictments tie Pitino into the scandal more directly. NBC's Tom Winter posted a part of the indictment, showing that Pitino directed payment to recruits after being asked to do so by Christian Dawkins, the former NBA agent and AAU coach facing a maximum sentence of 200 years in the case.

Winter also says that one of the individuals charged in the case is cooperating with authorities. It sounds like the FBI's gaze may turn on Pitino soon enough.

Pitino has repeatedly maintained his innocence, and claims that he passed a lie detector test when asked questions about his knowledge of the scandal.

The former Louisville coach has not been charged to this point.