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Watch: Rick Pitino On Donald Trump - "He Should Be Part Of The Louisville Basketball Team And Lose His Twitter Account"

Rick Pitino speaking during a Louisville press conference.

Rick Pitino weighed in on President-elect Donald Trump, and outlined the first things he believes that Trump should do.

Coaches all over the country are being asked about their thoughts on Tuesday's presidential election. After Friday night's Louisville basketball season opener, a 78-47 win over Evansville, it was Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino's turn.

The first thing he thinks that Trump should do? Apologize to John McCain, the Khan Family, and the other groups that were insulted during his campaign. Oh, and he thinks that like his Louisville players, Trump should give up the Twitter account that has gotten him in so much hot water.

We'll have to wait and see if the 45th President offers any apologies, but we definitely wouldn't be on his Twitter account getting shut down anytime soon.