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Report: Rick Pitino Identified As 'Coach-2' In FBI Report

According to a new report, ousted Louisville basketball head coach Rick Pitino is one of the unnamed individuals noted in the FBI report about the ongoing college basketball corruption investigation.

On Wednesday, Louisville announced that Pitino is on unpaid administrative leave, and will have his status reevaluated at a later date.

He was likely not immediately fired because of a clause in his contract that necessitates a 10-day warning period before he can be removed.

However, this morning, his case that he was unaware of the payment of players may have gotten even more flimsy. This morning, CBS's Dana Jacobsen reported that Pitino is, in fact, "Coach-2" described in the FBI report released Tuesday.

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting that Pitino is "Coach-2."

"Coach-2" was mentioned three times in the report, and those mentions directly implicate him in this scheme.

First, GATTO, CODE, DAWKINS, and SOOD worked together to funnel $100,000 from Company-1 to the family of a high school basketball player (“Player-10”) in exchange for Player-10’s commitment to play at an NCAA Division I university whose athletic programs are sponsored by Company-1 (“University-6”), and in further exchange for a commitment from Player-10 to retain DAWKINS and SOOD, and to sign with Company-1, once Player-10 joined the NBA. DAWKINS told CW-1 and others on a recorded conversation that he did so at the request of a coach at University-6 (“Coach-2”), and call records show that GATTO spoke directly with Coach-2 multiple times in the days before Player-10 publicly committed to attending University-6.


Second, DAWKINS and AUGUSTINE agreed to facilitate payments to the family of another high school basketball player (“Player-11”) in exchange for Player-11’s commitment to play at University-6 and ultimately to retain DAWKINS’s services. While these payments were not directly funded by Company-1, they were made to benefit Company-1, which, as noted, sponsors University-6, and with the expectation that Company-1 would provide additional funding to AUGUSTINE in return. AUGUSTINE noted, “all [Coach-2] has to do is pick up the phone and call somebody [and say] these are my guys, they’re taking care of us.”

"Player-10" is reportedly Louisville freshman enrollee Brian Bowen, a five-star recruit who committed to the Cardinals on June 2 or 3. In the FBI report, Player 10 is said to have committed to "University-6," since identified as Louisville, "on or about June 3" according to the Courier-Journal.

"Player-11" has not been identified, but is reportedly a class of 2019 recruit.

If Pitino is in fact Coach-2, this is going to get even uglier for him.