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Rick Pitino Was Unknowingly Pranked At His Own Press Conference

Rick Pitino with a dog filter on him.

Instagram/Pardon My Take

Rick Pitino just gave a press conference in New York City after Louisville's NCAA penalties were upheld. He got some questions that probably weren't what they seemed.

Pitino answered questions about his knowledge of the things that went down with Andre McGee. He also weighed in on his own accountability.

A few of those questions didn't come from the normal media folks that you'd expect. Dan "Big Cat" Katz and PFT Commenter of Barstool Sports' popular podcast "Pardon My Take" got into the presser and were able to ask Pitino some seemingly innocent questions.

However, those who are aware of that podcast or their online antics probably realized that there was a specific bent to what they had Pitino answer. The pair often makes fun of Pitino's highly-publicized infidelity scandal from about a decade ago.

References to "premature" penalties and Pitino "shooting himself in the foot" were pretty clear nods to the Karen Sypher scandal, to which a number of fans online and other members of the media caught on.

Pardon My Take posted video of the pair's handiwork from the Rick Pitino press conference on Twitter. Kentucky fans rejoice.

Their producer live streamed the press conference on Instagram, while putting filters over Pitino's face. Naturally.

It is very doubtful that Pitino had any idea what was actually happening here. We're sure he'll be thrilled, if someone does clue him in.