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Snoop Dogg Rocks A Lamar Jackson Jersey At A Louisville Concert

Snoop Dogg, who remains the best thing ever, sported a Lamar Jackson jersey on Monday night at a concert in Louisville.

In a year that has been nothing but one long, planet-wide, existential crisis spread out over 365 days, most of us have been left disillusioned and disappointed by all that 2016 brought to the table. However, there might be one beacon of hope left in this dark, bleak world, and that person is Snoop Dogg, who, throughout it all, remains the best thing this world has to offer. On Monday, he rocked a Lamar Jackson jersey during his concert, and the crowd—along with Twitter—loved it.

Only Snoop can make the most awkward selfie look cool:

It's well-known that Snoop is a huge football guy and a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan, and he's clearly a fan of this year's Heisman Trophy winner. That's some serious admiration! Snoop isn't going to rock someone's jersey onstage if he doesn't respect them. Subsequently, Lamar Jackson took notice, and returned the love on Twitter.

I really hope they become friends, I would absolutely pay to see Snoop Dogg and Lamar Jackson star in a buddy-cop movie.