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Teddy Bridgewater On His Gloves: "I Don't Think Gloves Have Been Much Of A Deal Like This Since Michael Jackson"

Much has been said and written about Teddy Bridgewater's gloves, especially after his poor gloveless pro day performance impacted his NFL Draft stock. Now, the new Vikings quarterback says he will never play without them again, and even added a funny Michael Jackson quip. It's good to see he's taking everything in stride.

“Man, I don't think gloves have been much of a deal like this since Michael Jackson,” Bridgewater recently told USA Today. “But to this day and for the rest of my career, I’m going to continue to wear gloves.”

USA Today spoke to Kurt Warner and Doug Flutie, two other quarterbacks who had success throwing with a glove. The two retired QBs still prefer to throw with a glove, and Warner told Bridgewater to play however he's most comfortable.

"Oh yeah, and he told me the same thing: 'Wearing gloves got you where you are to this day,'" Bridgewater said. "I'm just going to continue to do that."

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