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Video: Montrezl Harrell Threw A Referee To The Ground In His D-League Game Monday Night

Montrezl Harrell, former Louisville star, is in a bit of trouble after an altercation Monday night. The former Cardinal, who now plays for Rio Grande Valley in the NBA's D-League, got into a shoving match with Derek Cooke Jr., of the Bakersfield Jam, and accidentally (we think) pushed a referee to the ground - hard. The incident occurred right as the game was ending.

The National Basketball Referees Association is taking a very hard stance on the matter, calling it a "deliberate assault and battery" against the official. It sounds like Harrell will be facing - at best - a multiple-game suspension.

“After carefully reviewing videotape and related evidence concerning this incident, we have reached the inescapable conclusion that Harrell committed a deliberate assault and battery against Referee Goldenberg. Anything less than a multiple game suspension would constitute a green light for violence against officials.” 

Here's video of the incident. You can form your own opinion.

Obviously, Harrell is in the wrong here, considering he did, at the end of the day, throw a referee to the ground. But there's certainly some room for debate regarding his intent. What do you think?

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