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Video: Teddy Bridgewater Joins 'Numbers Never Lie', Claims Pro Day Performance Was His Downfall

Every year, there is always at least one quarterback who starts the offseason ranked as one of the top NFL prospects in the country, but somehow falls out of favor by the time the actual draft rolls around. This year, it's former Louisville signal-caller Teddy Bridgewater. It was just a few months ago that some analysts had Bridgewater as the top-ranked quarterback in college football - now, we're hearing he may not hear his name called until the second round.

Thursday afternoon, Bridgewater joined Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on 'Numbers Never Lie' to talk about what he thinks his downfall was. He summed it up pretty quickly.

"It's simple, the pro day. Everyone was able to watch me throw live, and I didn't impress them."

Here's the entire interview - Bridgewater also talks about throwing inside/outside the hashes, his relationship with his mom and being compared to Willie Beamen from 'Any Given Sunday'.

As Smith points out, Bridgewater's numbers while playing for Louisville were very impressive. It'll be interesting to see if his career follows the path he set in college, or if his pro day performance really was cause for concern.