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Watch: Check Out This Lamar Jackson Hype Video Titled "The Boogeyman"

Crum's Revenge released a sweet Louisville hype video titled "The Boogeyman."

Lamar Jackson, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, hasn't gotten enough respect heading into this season—that much is almost universally acknowledged.

After a stunning 2016 campaign, he's been relegated to not much more than an afterthought behind USC's Sam Darnold and Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield.

It's crazy to say, but Jackson is a dark horse this year to repeat, and the Cardinals as a team haven't received much preseason hype either.

So in light of this, Twitter user @CrumsRevenge made a nice little hype video capitalizing on this, appropriately titled "The Boogeyman."

Like last year, Jackson and the Cardinals will hope to take everyone by surprise once again.

Louisville is ranked No. 16 in the nation heading into the season, and they take on Purdue this Saturday.