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Watch: Louisville Bench Player Celebrates A Little Too Hard, Coach Shuts It Down Immediately

Louisville bench celebrates.


One Louisville player got a little too amped up on the bench after the Cardinals hit a three, and his coach was having none of it.

The No. 2 seeded Louisville Cardinals are taking on the No. 7 seeded Michigan Wolverines today, and while the Cardinals have led for most of the game, the Wolverines are refusing to to go away. They've been in striking distance for the majority of the contest, and every bucket seems to matter.

So when sophomore Deng Adel hit a three in the final minute of the first half, it brought the house down—at least for Louisville fans. And one player on the Louisville bench loved it so much he started pounding on the hardwood. One of the assistant coaches didn't like that very much, and he took immediate action.

Check it out:

Swift justice, I suppose. At the end of the video it looks like the referee is gesturing for the bench to stay off the court, but it's hard to tell. The coach was probably just looking out for the kid and the team to make sure they didn't earn a dumb technical foul in such a close game.