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A Miami Fan Has Raised $550 On GoFundMe For His #FireAlGolden Campaign

The bad thing about college football fans is that while they're incredibly passionate, their passion can sometimes lead to them doing things that go over the line. Take for instance this Miami fan, named Danny Vazquez. Like many Miami fans, Vazquez is not happy with the performance of the Hurricanes under head coach Al Golden.

However, while most fans just complain about it on Twitter, Vazquez took it a step farther: he made a GoFundMe for a campaign called "#FireAlGolden." In his words, Vazquez's goal is "to fly a banner over a big game where we will get noticed."

Vazquez wants to get rid of Golden because "Al Golden tried to bail on UM and leave to Penn State, we have not forgotten. It is one thing to lose, but another thing to get out coached and not be prepared week in and week out."

There's one more week to donate, if you're a Miami fan. Odds are a donation wouldn't do too much to motivate the school to fire Golden -- it probably knows that fans aren't satisfied with Golden's performance at the helm -- but if you'd like to give money to the cause, here's the link.

[Dr. Saturday]