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ESPN Names Miami "Top Overperforming School" For NFL Drafts Since 2002

With the NFL Draft set to kick off on Thursday, ESPN did a study on which colleges routinely churn out the best players.

This year's NFL Draft will be here in just a few days and per usual, everyone wants to know which players are going to pan out - and which aren't. Monday, ESPN released a study that attempts to identify the schools that routinely produce the best players - at least since 2002.

ESPN's study - which deals with "NFL Factories" - suggests that Miami is the top "overperforming school." Clemson, for whatever it's worth, sits at the other end of the spectrum.

Ohio State meanwhile comes in as the second-worst performing school - but OSU is also listed as the "hottest" program right now.

You can check out ESPN's entire study here. There are interesting tidbits about schools like USC, Purdue and Pittsburgh as well.