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FOX Sports' Bruce Feldman: Al Golden May Need To Win 9 Games And Coastal Division To Keep Job

Miami fans' patience with head coach Al Golden is growing very thin, and if FOX Sports' Bruce Feldman is correct, Golden's standing with the school may not be much better. Feldman was asked what Golden needs to do in 2015 to get a sixth year at The U in his Monday Mailbag column, and Feldman believes it is big season or bust for him.

...I think he has to win at least nine games this fall in hopes of keeping the job. In fact, if UM goes 9-3 but doesn't win its division, I suspect he'll be gone. The schedule isn't ominous.

Feldman believes that Miami's 2015 schedule is fairly manageable, but unless the Hurricanes take a large step forward, nine wins looks like a best case scenario to me. The 'Canes host a tough Nebraska team on September 19, face both Florida State and Clemson from the Atlantic Division, and have Georgia Tech, which is getting a lot of pre-season plaudits after a strong 2014, late in the year. Games against Duke and Virginia Tech are no cakewalks either. If Golden pulls out nine wins this year, it would probably be hard to justify letting him go.

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