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Kirby Smart Defends Transfer Restrictions On A.J. Turman: "(He) Is Free To Go To Where He Wants To Go"

Under Mark Richt, Georgia reportedly had a pretty loose policy with transfers. New head coach Kirby Smart has buttoned things up a bit in that regard. He is preventing running back A.J. Turman from heading to other SEC schools, or Richt's Miami Hurricanes, a decision that seemed to brush Turman the wrong way. Today during a press conference, Smart defended the decision.

">March 19, 2016

">March 19, 2016

">March 19, 2016

From DawgNation:

Smart said Turman told him that he didn’t have interest in going to Miami. He told Smart he wanted to go to a small school close to home, which is the Orlando area.

“Please understand that A.J. Turman is free to go to where he wants to go,” Smart said.

The conference restrictions are very commonplace, and as far as transfer restrictions go, preventing a giant group of players from moving to their former coach's new program does make some sense. Smart's decision doesn't come as much surprise.


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