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Mark Richt Is Not Happy About Assertions That Miami Is Ducking Arkansas State

Miami's game at Arkansas State has been cancelled as the players and coaches prep for Hurricane Irma's landfall, but don't accuse the 'Canes of trying to avoid Red Wolves.

Miami cancelled the trip, even though it would take the team out of the storm's path, to avoid being stuck away from home. Players are instead heading home to be with their families.

That didn't stop many from looking at ulterior motives for Miami. Arkansas State nearly upset Nebraska on the road last week, and is a pretty solid program all around. A trip to Jonesboro would not have been a cakewalk for The U.

Rick Neuheisel raised those concerns, calling the cancellation "suspicious" and saying that it made it look like Miami didn't want to play the game.

Richt wasn't shy about rebutting any notion that his team was looking to avoid the trip to A-State on Twitter.

Arkansas State fans definitely have reason to be disappointed—this was likely to be one of the biggest home games in program history—but they should also have some empathy for the Miami players and community. Staying safe and being with family during a potentially devastating event like Irma is easily a bigger priority than a football game.

Hopefully the two teams can carve out a spot on a future schedule to get this game played, but it is hard to knock The U for this decision given the pending storm.