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Miami Second-Best? Here Are The Betting Odds On An ACC Title For Each Team In 2014

Considering that the Florida State Seminoles finished last season 14-0 and won the BCS national title, many are already assuming that they're at least going to win their own conference, the ACC, in 2014. But while FSU is the favorite to win the league, it's not quite as clear-cut as you'd think. While the Seminoles are going off at basically even money, Miami (FL) is actually only at 3.5:1 to take the conference crown.

Adam Kramer over at Kegs ‘N Eggs alerted us to The Greek’s first offshore odds for the 2014 season. Here’s what it has for the ACC:

Florida State - 21:20 (-175)
Miami - 7:2 (+350)
UNC - 5:1 (+500)
Virginia Tech - 8:1 (+800)
Louisville - 8:1 (+800)
Clemson - 10:1 (+1000)
Duke - 12:1 (+1200)
Georgia Tech - 15:1 (+1500)
Pittsburgh - 50:1 (+5000)
Boston College - 50:1 (+5000)
Virginia - 50:1 (+5000)
NC State - 60:1 (+6000)
Syracuse - 60:1 (+6000)
Wake Forest - 175:1 (+17500)

As you can see, Wake Forest has by far the worst odds of winning the conference. It's a bit confusing how Virginia, which didn't win a league game last year, has better odds than three other teams, including Syracuse, which played in and won a bowl game last year. Mike London's recruiting classes have been decent, however.