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Miami Football Program To Fans: "Go To Fewer Games!"

The University of Miami has struggled in getting fans to attend its football games. Last year, during a season in which the Hurricanes started the season 7-0, Miami had issues making Sun Life Stadium to look half full. 

A marketing specialist seems to have an interesting idea on how to improve attendance: Fans should commit to coming to less games. 

">June 7, 2014

Of all the home games Miami will play in 2014, the two most important will likely be North Carolina and Florida State. So the Hurricanes are bundling those two contests together and selling them as a package deal. The deal is promoted in a large newspaper ad, the text of which has been transcribed by the Palm Beach Post.


Not many teams would tell you to go to fewer games.

Most would try to push a full season package on you, even if that requires more money or more time than you possess.

We are extremely thankful for the support of our Miami Hurricanes season ticket holders, but we understand that a full season of tickets is not for everyone, and that’s OK.

So we created the new Two-Game Mini-Plan to give fans an opportunity to experience the two best college football events in South Florida.

If you identify with any of the following statements, then the Two-Game Mini-Plan may be right for you:

1. I like exciting college football in rocking, sold-out environments.

2. I want to see the Hurricanes play the defending national champion Florida State Seminoles and the preseason top-25 North Carolina Tar Heels.

3. I’m not so sure I can make it to the other 5 home games.

If you agree with the above, here’s why you should strongly consider the Two-Game Mini-Plan:

1. Better seats are available at better prices through the Two-Game Mini-Plan than on StubHub and other broker sites for the FSU game alone.

2. Florida State tickets will not be available to the general public on a single-game basis.

3. We’re throwing in a complimentary Miami Hurricanes hat with every purchase (an added $30 value per plan).

Some people have told us we’re crazy for offering a Two-Game Mini-Plan package that’s THIS good. Our response: IT’S WHAT OUR FANS HAVE ASKED FOR.

If this is something you’ve asked for, call our friendly ticket representatives at 1-855-UM-2PLAN and we will be happy to find seats that you’ll enjoy. Or, if you prefer to go online, visit to view a diagram of every open seat available to you.

We are really excited about the 2014 season, and we hope you’ll join us for as many games as you’re able. 

On the surface, Miami is technically saying, come to less games, but what they're really saying is, make sure you come to the Florida State and UNC contests. The Hurricanes, of course, don't want fewer fans, but they likely feel if they can limit their promotion to two contests, the other games will take care of themselves.

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