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Miami Has The Second-Best Strength Of Record In The Country

This statistic might surprise you.

Miami, after an impressive victory over ACC rival Virginia Tech, is still one of the few undefeated college football teams in the country. But there's no doubt that the Hurricanes are getting less respect than some of the other squads that haven't lost a game yet.

Well, here's a stat that might surprise you. ESPN's "Strength of Record" statistic has Miami at second-best in the nation. They're behind only Georgia - the No. 1 seed in the College Football Playoff rankings right now.

The rest of the teams in the top five line up as you'd expect.

Miami's wins so far? Bethune-Cookman, Toledo, Duke, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, North Carolina and Virginia Tech. It doesn't seem like that tough of a schedule, but apparently it's better than people think.

Miami will have its chance to prove to the world that it belongs when it takes on No. 3 Notre Dame this Saturday. Win that game and nobody will be sleeping on the Hurricanes.