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Mike Golic Thinks Notre Dame's Biggest Issue Is The Margin Of Its Losses In Important Games

Mike & Mike discuss Notre Dame's loss to Miami.

Mike Golic is reeling after his alma mater's big loss to Miami on Saturday night.

Notre Dame has won eight games this season, but after watching the Fighting Irish's loss to Miami this past Saturday, it's clear that they aren't one of the elite teams in college football. Monday, Mike Golic, who played at Notre Dame, explained what he thinks is the main reason that Notre Dame can't seem to get over the hump.

In short, he says the team's losses in big games have been too lopsided. He cited the BCS Championship Game against Alabama, the Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State and Saturday night's contest at Miami.

For The Win transcribed the audio:

“You have to say it Greeny. Notre Dame just can’t win that big game. That monster game; from that title game [in 2012], the Fiesta Bowl [in 2015] against Ohio State was a monster game, this was a huge game that can keep you on the road to where you need to be, and Notre Dame has just struggled to win those games. It’s right there on the scoreboard. And losing those games, big, that’s the issue. It be one thing if it was a last-second field goal and you could say, ‘man, we were right there,’ but it wasn’t. It wasn’t. And that’s a tough pill to swallow for Notre Dame.”

Here's video:

Notre Dame still has Navy and Stanford, so a 10-win season is possible. But a College Football Playoff invite is probably off the table.