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Pat Narduzzi Appears To Have Just Predicted That Pitt Will Upset No. 2 Miami

Pat Narduzzi gives interview during Pitt vs. Miami.

Pat Narduzzi is fired up.

Pitt took a 10-7 lead into halftime against No. 2 Miami, and Panthers head coach Pat Narduzzi seemed pretty excited about it. He might have even predicted that his team will hang on to win the game.

Narduzzi, talking to Allison Williams just after halftime, listed off two of the school's biggest upsets in recent memory - over No. 2 West Virginia in 2007 and over No. 2 Clemson last season. He then said "it's happening here" too.

Check it out:

Pitt's defense has been fantastic thus far, but it'll need to fend off a Miami squad that is very, very close to competing for a national title. If Narduzzi's right, he'll be a legend for the quote.