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Photo: This Custom-Made Miami Hurricanes "U" Facemask Is Awesome

Before you even ask, no, the Miami Hurricanes will not be wearing these custom-made "U" facemasks during the 2014 season - but it'd sure be awesome if they did. The guys over at Bad-Ass Masks have produced a number of custom-made facemasks for college and professional football players, along with some for fans and front-office personnel. The below Miami "U" version, sadly, is just for display.


— RedZoneRecon (@RedZoneRecon1)

It's all about "The U" with this custom face mask by

— RedZoneRecon® (@RedZoneRecon1) June 27, 2014

">June 27, 2014

It would surely go well with a number of the new uniform combinations the team unveiled earlier in the offseason. Is this the next step in college football branding?