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Photos: Nebraska Fans' Darth Vader Helmets Modeled After Miami's "Cane Vader?"

The original.

Last night, we showed you a couple of fan-made custom Nebraska helmets -- they were essentially Darth Vader helmets, if only he was a Cornhuskers fan. We had no idea how or why this idea came about, but it wasn't long before we got an answer.

We received an e-mail from Scott Waymire, a Miami season ticket holder and Hurricanes diehard. He explained that he originally created an orange version of the Darth Vader helmet for Miami games -- he has been going to every home game as "Cane Vader" with his little girl Kyla for three years.

Miami fans love the helmet -- he is asked to take photos with others:

Pretty crazy that the tradition has moved from Miami all the way to Nebraska, but it's something very unique that it's easy to see why others would find totally cool. I would love to see a company like BadAss Masks design a Vader look for Duke Johnson, to get this thing really rolling.