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Report: Charlie Strong Not Interested In Miami Job

When the Miami job opened earlier this year, we expected the Charlie Strong rumors to be fleeting, but here, weeks later, the Texas head coach continues to be connected to the Hurricanes. This week Bruce Feldman, who is as tapped in as anyone in the college football world, said he continues to hear that Strong has interest in leaving Austin for Coral Gables. Strong had to address the rumors once again on Wednesday, denying interest. This morning,'s Anwar Richardson posted a story, stating that Strong is committed to riding it out with the Longhorns.

However, I was told by multiple sources close to Strong that he is committed to Texas and has no interest in coaching at Miami. Strong has not spoken to anyone associated with Miami's program, nor received a contract offer. Even if Miami did offer him a contract, Strong will remain committed to Texas, according to sources.

...Even though Texas is not having the success he envisioned, Strong does not want to walk away after two seasons and be viewed as a quitter, according to those who are close to the coach. 

Richardson also included an interesting note about Strong wanting to stay to prove that black coaches can succeed at powerhouse programs. By all indications, Strong would be a great fit at Miami, but it is hard to envision him leaving Texas, especially amid what is proving to be a long term rebuild.