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Video: Episode Of Miami's "Canes Cuts" Features Highlights From Speeches By Jimmy Johnson, Michael Irvin, Ed Reed

Fans of other programs poke fun at assertions that Miami is "back", but there is no denying that in its heyday, 'The U' was one of the most powerful programs in college football history. Any quick glance at an NFL all-pro team or the first round of a 2000s NFL Draft will back that up. While Miami has been a bit down for a few years, its tremendous football alumni and former coaches are still proud of the program that they helped build. 

Miami does a great job of bringing its great back, and they also have an excellent web series on YouTube called #CanesCuts. The most recent episode features highlights from speeches given to the team by former coach Jimmy Johnson, and two NFL greats, Michael Irvin and Ed Reed. 

It's strange to see Reed's former teammate Ray Lewis not pop-up in this cut, but it probably doesn't do his speeches justice by splicing them up. Expect him to pop up in South Beach for an intense pregame speech at some point in the near future.