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Update: Al Golden Tweets Out Video Of Morning Workout And A Pump-Up Video

Update: Hurricane head coach Al Golden tweeted out a poster and a video of the morning workout, and it looks like the team had a great time. That's not all in the video: around the 2:50 mark, one of the best pump-up videos we've seen this offseason begins.

">June 25, 2014

Earlier: A lot of people like listening to music when they lift weights, using it as a way to get them pumped up so they can do their best during their workout. This is pretty common among college football teams, as music blasts through weight rooms while teams work out to liven the room. The University of Miami decided to add a twist to its morning workout today: instead of plugging in an iPod or putting in a CD, the team brought in a DJ and strobe lights to make things more entertaining.

This is an interesting way to get players pumped during a workout. If you'd like to see some more videos of The U working out with the help of a DJ, there are more on the team's official Vine page.