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Louisville Writer Says He'll "Eat A Live Animal" If NC State Makes The Playoff

Mark Ennis really isn't going to want NC State to make the College Football Playoff this year.

College Football Playoff predictions are everywhere these days, and there's no doubt that some are more interesting than others. Friday morning, SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic issued a bold prediction, suggesting that his playoff foursome consists of Alabama, Ohio State, Stanford and NC State.

The NC State pick, obviously, is getting scrutinized.

One college football writer - Mark Ennis - went as far as to proclaim that he'll eat a "live animal" if NC State makes the playoff. Ennis is the host of a radio show in Louisville and contributes to Card Chronicle and Gridiron Now.

Check it out:

Ennis has not specified what kind of live animal, but we imagine if NC State is in the hunt late in the season, he'll be getting some fun suggestions.