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Video: The North Carolina State Football Coaching Staff Has The Best Collection Of Nicknames In College Football

Did you have a nickname growing up? 

Many of North Carolina State's football coaches did. They reveal them in the following video: 

The nicknames:

Clayton White, safeties

"I had a nickname growing up. My mother gave me the nickname, since birth, 'Butter Ball.' It's not funny man. Her reasoning behind it was, I was fat, plump, and juicy as a baby."

Mike Uremovich, offensive line

"'Remo' or 'Remy' is probably what they call me and my brother the most."

George Barlow, cornerbacks

"I went from crawling to scooting to walking. I used to just scoot around on my butt instead of crawling. So it kind of stuck. To this day, 40-something-years-old, my family still calls me 'Scooter.'"

Ryan Nielson, defensive line

"I didn't have a nickname growing up, but you refer to me, 'Big Daddy' so does that count?"

Eddie Faulkner, tight ends/fullbacks

"My real name is Edgar, but everyone called me Eddie growing up." "When I hit junior high school, everyone started calling me, 'Faulk.'"

Matt Canada, quarterbacks/offensive coordinator

"Canada, like the country."

Des Kitchings, running backs

"My full name is Desmond, but people just call me 'Des' for short."

Dave Huxtable, linebackers/defensive coordinator

"My dad used to call me, 'Davidio.'"

Frisman Jackson, wide receivers

"Mr. Mufessa."