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Former Kansas Players Stick Up For Roy Williams

Rashad McCants has received criticism from former North Carolina athletes for his claims of academic integrity violations by the school and head basketball coach Roy Williams. Now, McCants is receiving criticism from another group of people: former Kansas basketball players.

Williams coached at Kansas from 1988-2003, and some of his former players are rushing to his side to defend his integrity, according to

“I will stand by coach Williams 100 percent. As many times I had to get my butt out of bed and go to class, no way I could believe any of that,” former KU guard Billy Thomas told the Journal-World.

“We had class-checkers, people coming by making sure you were there. If you were not in class, the coaches would know (and make players run). You had to sit in front of the class so the class-checker could see you.

“Those things (UNC allegations by McCants) are coming from a guy who has had sour grapes a long time. If you’ve got that many players who played for this man, and nobody is agreeing with the one player, what does that tell you?” Thomas added.

These sentiments were shared by other former Jayhawks.

“I don’t know Rashad McCants. To say coach Williams knew and tried to sneak his way through it (college) would go against everything I’ve known about him in 20 plus years,” former KU guard Ryan Robertson told the Journal-World.

“I remember my freshman year, the maddest I’ve ever seen coach Williams get, and we know he could get fired up, were (concerning) two of my teammates’ semester grades and another instance a guy missed class. He went berserk. If things happened the way Rashad said they did, I’d bet damn near my life coach Williams didn’t know about it,” Robertson added.

There's still a lot that needs to play out in the UNC academic scandal, but right now, it looks like many of Williams' former players are rushing to his side in a show of support for their coach.