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Larry Fedora Gave A UNC Student A Much-Needed Ride To Graduation

Larry Fedora came through in the clutch for a lucky UNC student recently.

A UNC student named Scarlett Murphy shared a pretty awesome story on Instagram. Recently, Murphy was walking to her UNC Medical School graduation, decked out in her cap and gown and high heels.

She had more than a mile to go and looked like she was struggling. Enter Larry Fedora.

Fedora was driving by when he spotted Murphy and offered her a ride. According to the graduate's Instagram post, Fedora's kindness didn't stop there. He then acted like sort of a shuttle service for her family.

Graduation hero of the day is Coach Larry Fedora, who saw me hiking up Columbia in some killer heels and graciously offered to drive me to my graduation. He then drove my family BACK to my house to pick up the tickets I forgot (oops) and drove them BACK to campus to make it to the ceremony in time. What a great guy, and what a special way to end a great four years at Carolina. #greatdaytobeatarheel

Bravo, Coach Fedora. You made a fan for life.