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Larry Fedora Is Getting Crushed For His Bizarre ACC Media Days Rant

Larry Fedora speaks at the podium after a UNC game.

ACC media days aren't usually the circus that SEC media days are, but a wild Larry Fedora rant is wrestling headlines away from the rival conference.

The North Carolina head coach took the podium a few minutes ago. During the press conference, which is usually reserved for some mild discussion about the direction of his team ahead of the season, he went on a crazy tangent, relating issues plaguing football to the decline of the United States.

Yes, really.

Larry Fedora is getting roasted for the bizarre diatribe by many online.

Yes, there are issues with football. And one has to imagine that almost everyone at ACC Media Days covering Fedora's presser loves football, in spite of compounding evidence that the game's issues may be impossible to overcome in its current form.

The CTE denialism is probably the most disconcerting part of the rant. Fedora has a ton of influence on the health of his players.

While trainers are given the ultimate say in whether a player is healthy enough to play, it is very easy to imagine players afraid to report potential head injuries, given Fedora's skepticism toward their impacts on long-term health. And of course, if he's willing to say this to a group of reporters, who knows what he says to players behind closed doors.

The military portion of this is probably less impactful, but its just very goofy. Connections between football and the military are not new, and yes, there are things that young men learn playing football that probably translate well to military training.

To say that the decline of football will directly lead to the downfall of the U.S. military, and the country as a whole, though? That's pretty absurd on its face.

I'm sure we'll be hearing more from Fedora soon, after he debriefs with his SID and athletic director. From a PR perspective, this was a pretty brutal afternoon for him.