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Listen: Rashad McCants Says "There Was No Relationship To Sever" With UNC's Roy Williams, Says More Blame Should Be On Matt Doherty

The Rashad McCants-UNC saga continues to grow deeper with the news that the NCAA has re-opened its investigation of the school. McCants hopped on Sirius XM's College Sports Nation show with Mark Packer and former Arkansas and Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt to discuss his experiences at UNC, and interestingly, it doesn't seem like much has changed between he and Roy WIlliams...because there was no real prior relationship as it was.

CollegeBasketballTalk transcribed that key portion of the interview with McCants:

“It looks like the relationship is severed, but there was never really a relationship between me and Roy,” McCants said. “I was the player and he was the coach. That doesn’t mean that every player on every team is friends with their coach.”

McCants also places more of the blame on his first coach at UNC, Matt Doherty, who was fired after UNC's disappointing NIT season during McCants' freshman year.

"More of the blame should be on Matt than Roy, but Roy has a bigger legacy than Matt, so no one's really thinking about him."

McCants also says that the idea that the 2004-05 National Championship UNC team was never very tight-knit, despite misconceptions. The whole clip is very interesting, considering all that is going down in Chapel Hill.